Do you know how hiking influences your body and mind?

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Author: Ben Parker

The doctors explained how hiking affects our mind

We benefit from the usual unhurried walks along the street. At first, slowly, absolutely imperceptibly, for us, the frequency of breathing increases, and hence the heart rate and the metabolism is activated. Since this happens gradually, the heart does not feel the load. Thus, we train the heart muscle, which, therefore, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Air baths are used to harden the body since childhood.
We give the load on the leg muscles and the entire musculoskeletal system, blood circulation, warm up the leg muscles.
Fresh air is needed for a good sleep, and a full sleep is a pledge of mental health. Hiking is the best opportunity to get it all.
How to be healthy? What to choose for walks? Which places? Of course, the best choice is away from roads, in parks. Start your ‘hiking thing’ by going from work on foot, each time choosing a new road. Firstly, you will definitely find something suitable for you, and secondly, is it not interesting to learn something new in the old familiar surroundings, isn’t it? And didn’t you try to get lost this way or that? There will be definitely a plenty of adrenaline and positive emotions in the end.

Hiking in the mountains

Mountains have always attracted people. They are beautiful and majestic. There is something extremely mysterious in them. Dry statistics show that among the inhabitants of the mountains are most of the long-lived, and until their death, they retain a clear mind and physical activity.
When climbing the mountain the thickness of the air pillar decreases, the density of air decreases, the pressure decreases, therefore, the volume of oxygen entering the body decreases. Why is it useful? Oxygen – an oxidizer, therefore, causes aging of the body. And you know, without oxygen, life is impossible! Increasing the supply of oxygen is also harmful. So, you have to choose the golden mean to slow down the aging process, but not to cause an oxygen starvation.
It is believed that the most favorable percentage of oxygen for the body 10% (in the air of its plains is 23%). This is the percentage of oxygen in the mountains up to 1500 meters high. Lack of oxygen in the blood forces to include all the reserves of the body, a person begins to breathe more often, blood circulation increases. A person improves mood, physical activity appears.
In the mountains, there is more radiation (full spectrum of solar radiation). Radiation contributes to ionization of air. Again, the ionized air in small quantities is useful. The radiation has an antibacterial property.
In the mountains, you can find rest for all tastes. Hiking in the mountains will provide you with a lot of positive emotions. Although it is worth remembering – unprepared people should not do extreme races, it is enough to choose easier routes.

Hiking in nature can stop negative, obsessive thoughts.

In addition to an instant sense of calm and contentment that complement the outdoors time, hiking will also help to get rid of negative thinking. Many of us are often overwhelmed by negative thoughts that prevent us from fully enjoying the moment and lead us to depression and, at worst, to anxiety. But a recent study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, argued that spending time on nature significantly reduces the presence of these obsessive, negative thoughts.

Walking with a distraction from technology enhances the creative solution of problems

A study conducted by psychologists found that the creative solution to problems can be significantly improved, as well as in abstracting from technology, and when reuniting with nature. Participants in this study went on a hiking trip with backpacks for 4 days, during which they could not use any devices. They were asked to perform tasks that required creative thinking and solving complex problems, and the researchers found that problem solving improved up to 50% for those who took part in the hike without technology.
Researchers of this study noted that technology and urban noise are incredibly destructive, constantly demanding our attention, and they prevent us from concentrating, all of which can unduly strain our cognitive functions. A good long walk without devices can reduce psychological fatigue, calm the mind and strengthen creative thinking.

How can I start walking?

Fortunately, walking is one of the simplest and less expensive sports that you can do, and this can bring great benefits to the whole family, including grandmother! Start with small and test your abilities. Do what’s right for you – it’s okay if it means a simple walk through the park. Any activity in the fresh air is better than nothing. You can easily find on the Internet maps of trails around your house, and there are also a lot of applications to help you with that. I recommend you to turn off your phone while walking, to get more out of the walk.
Make sure that you have the good sneakers, a hat and a bottle of water, and that you have put on several layers of clothes that you can easily take off and put on if it’s hot or cold. You can consider using walking sticks that can increase your speed and relieve some pressure from your knees. Now, can you do something for me?
Go for a walk!

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