Save the Planet 11 Incredible Eco-Friendly Inventions

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Author: Ben Parker

11 incredible inventions that can help us save the planet

It is a well-known fact that our technology-driven world is harmful to the planet Earth. Yet, some of the inventions are aimed at preventing the destruction of nature by humankind. Here is a list of the newest innovative products, which will help solve at least some of the environmental issues. Let’s save the planet!

1. The Seabin

Plastic garbage in the ocean has been a burning problem for quite a while. Now, the ocean’s pollution issues are at a critical point. Thankfully, a floating rubbish bin was created and now debris collection can be easily done in marinas, ports, yacht clubs and other water bodies with a calm environment. The Seabin is a garbage can that uses a pump to capture trash and let the clean water flow back into the sea.

2. Edible Water Blobs

The designers of this invention wanted the edible water blob to replace a plastic bottle. The capsule is made from a seaweed extract and the manufacturing of it appears to be cheaper than producing plastics. It is safe to eat such liquid container and potentially, it is possible to significantly reduce plastic pollution of the ocean by means of this clever invention.

3. The bottle-crushing sand machine

Thanks to a New Zealand brewery’s initiative, empty beer bottles can now be used to save beaches, which were quarried. How? With the help of the bottle-crushing sand machine. The vacuum system removes plastic labels and silica dust from each bottle leaving behind pure glass powder, which will work as a sand substitute.

4. SaltWater brewery’s edible packaging

Being concerned about sea life that is endangered by plastic pollution, SaltWater brewery created a six-pack ring packaging made of wheat and barley ribbons from the brewing process. Such packaging is biodegradable and safe for consumption.

5. The air-ink

We all know that ink is harmful to the environment. The same can be said about the vehicle exhausts. Creative inventors designed an ink, which was made entirely out of air pollution making a dual benefit.

6. The ocean cleanup machine

Similarly to the Sebian, the big floating ocean cleanup machine traps all sorts of garbage, which is easy to remove and recycle afterwards.

7. Tire recycler

With the help of the recycler, it is possible to turn old tires into crumbs, which then can be used as a rubber granule infill for the artificial grass.

8. Avani’s biodegradable bags

Pollution of the sea can be reduced significantly if Avani biodegradable bags get used instead of traditional plastic bags. The disposable packaging products are 100% eco-friendly and made from such natural products like starches and cassava root.

9. Home Biogas 2.0

The idea behind this invention is to convert almost any type of biodegradable waste into usable cooking gas. The machine can process up to 6 liters of food scraps and can even be used to produce fertilizers for gardening.

10. Aquaponics

Here is a smart innovation, which merged fish farming and hydroponics. Naturally, over time water gets littered by fish. The designers found a way of how to put a fish waste to efficient use. “Unclean” water works as a fertilizer for plants in the tank and, as a result, they grow better while cleansing water at the same time.

11. Non-plastic AMAM

Plastic packaging is convenient for a human being but extremely harmful for the environment. AMAM company aims to completely replace non-biodegradable synthetic materials with eco-friendly seaweed packaging.

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