How to Write Cause and Effect Essay? Easy!

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Author: Kelly Higgins

Most of difficulties with the cause and effect essays are brought by the situation when students do not understand exactly what kind of the assignment it is and mix it with some other essay types. Sometimes they confuse it with the reaction/response writing or do not manage to perform thorough argumentation within the whole work. Also it is peculiar for students to write only their own thoughts and assumptions, which is not bad, but actually incorrect for such kind of the essay. Hence, it is very important to know what this task requires and how to cope with it in the most effective way.

Cause and effect essays are written on the basis of the life situations, particular occurrences or literary works. This essay is aimed at detailed analysis of the situation, finding its reasons and tracing consequences. Thus, if you were assigned the topic about global warming, your task is to consider the human industrial and household activities in the perspective of the nature modification. You need to find the roots of the issue and outline the effect, which was caused by them. It is important to provide reasons for all your statements and do not write groundless and invalid ideas. This kind of essay requires pragmatic and constructive analysis with some interesting inclusions.

Preparation Stage

Perhaps, all assignments need preparation and preliminary research. If the person does not omit this stage, the chances of his or her paper to be a great think piece are much higher. In regard to cause and effect essay the ignoring of investigation is a huge mistake. In order to perform analysis of the situation, person needs to understand the problem from A to Z.

Read similar works with the same topic, look through available resources in the Internet in order to establish the strong background. Having familiarized yourself with the materials on the topic, it will be easier for you to outline your direction within the exploration of the issue. Thus, you need to decide whether you will consider the issue bulky and specify some general facts and effects or you will narrow your exploration to one or two interesting aspects of the problem.

For instance, referring again to the paper about the global warming, you can list numerous reasons of this awful situation, which is caused by the humanity, and write in general about the effects. At the same time, you can select the relevant topic in regard to air pollution with the exhaust gases and consider it in more detail.

Execution Stage

When you have made up your mind in regard to the content of your paper, it is high time to start with the writing. At the beginning of essay you need to determine the problem statement, so that your readers will learn what you are going to write about. Try to define the main directions of your considerations within the think piece in the couple of sentences.

Your next step consists in the logical structuration of the main part. Here you need to perform clear and reasonable analysis of reasons and sources of the situation and gradually lead to the caused effects. Let’s use our example of the essay regarding global warming and particularly air pollution. You can specify the number of automobiles worldwide and refer to the gaps in the law of numerous countries, which do not execute proper control over exhaust emission.

Having provided valid reasons and facts, you can speak about effects and conclusions. Emphasize all main statements of your paper and point out the importance of the touched topic. In this part you can include your own opinion and, perhaps, offer some solution. It is important to involve the reader into your considerations and do not leave him or her indifferent.

Additional Improvements and Extra Tips

When the paper is ready, do not hustle with putting it aside. Make objective analysis of your composition to convince that it is really cause and effect essay with the logical reasoning and conclusions. If your essay seems to be more like over structured and complicated overview of some issue or topic, do your best for its improvement.

And remember that one of the main things, which require cause and effect essay, is the logical structure and comprehensibility. If you cannot overview the problem in the simple manner, it means that the issue is not clear for you. Try to sort out all the facts and data and only that set to writing. Do not hesitate and meet the challenge of creation a logically structured and consistent essay, it is much easier than you think.

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