How To Write A Novel Synopsis

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Author: Alice Miley

6 steps for writing a novel synopsis

For many writers, a one-page synopsis is a scary part of the whole writing process. Obviously, you were trying your best to express yourself in writing a whole book. Now, you need to tell everything important in a few sentences. It might seem a bit unfair to fit all your knowledge and ideas into a short abstract, but it has to be done. Your masterpiece needs to be compressed into a maximum of several paragraphs, and it is necessary if you want your book to be published. After all, this is the reason why you wrote your story – you want to share your ideas with the world and spread your unique views as much as possible. Here are some main stages of how to write a one-page synopsis.

1. Depict a general image

As a very first step, you need to let the reader see the picture of where the story is going to take place. Short description of the setting and current situation may give your reader a glimpse of the potential conflict in the plot. The main thing is that the opening line of your synopsis must be clear but intriguing.

2. Introduce a protagonist

After telling about the setting, introducing the main character needs to take place. Briefly describe a protagonist, his current state of things and what goals he would like to reach.

3. State the incident

Here you can describe the turning point and mention who is responsible for the change of the usual state of things making the plot develop.

4. Describe the conflict

A protagonist meets new people and embarks on new experiences. He gets acquainted with an antagonist who seems to be the one who is going to win in the final battle.

5. The low moment

The main character is subjected to the negative emotions and doubts with regards to his power and abilities.

6. Reaching climax and resolution

The final battle happens and the resolution of the conflict takes place. The final image shows the result of the progress and evolvement of the protagonist and his situation.
This is a one-page synopsis example which is usually used in fiction novels. Writing a synopsis might not be an easy task but it is necessary to let your reader know what your story is about. Try to keep it simple and use clear language. The synopsis is all about making your reader want to know more about what happens in the story. It is worth spending extra time to work on the summary of your book, no matter how difficult it might seem to put the multitude of your thoughts into several sentences. It might be challenging to outline many events that take place in the book from the beginning to the end, but a great synopsis will enhance chances of your manuscript being published and will help demonstrate your writing talent.

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