How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Services in 2021: Revealing a Secret Ingredient🍒

Why is it so hard to transit from one stage of your life to another? It seems, we know everything that is awaiting ahead. We are prepared and ready for all the challenges. And still, appearing in a completely new place, we feel confused and lost.

This is exactly how I felt when I got into college and had my first lecture. I thought, it was my dream, I wanted this so hard, why didn’t I feel happy? Can you rely? Sure. There is nothing new about it. But each of us would definitely use some guidance.

Fortunately, today, you can get it. Many essay writing platforms will gladly help you with the most difficult tasks you’ll get and cover you if needed. It is an older friend we all needed when we changed parents home for college dormitory.

Nevertheless, not all friends are helpful and supportive, and it is crucial to not mess up with choosing the one you can rely on. I personally messed up and don’t want you to repeat this mistake. So, I decided to contribute to your smooth adaptation in college and took the bullet when I finally wore a bulletproof vest.

To reduce your anxiety and stress levels, I’ve prepared for you tips you should follow to find the perfect essay writing service for you and understand which information you can trust. Also, I investigated more than 20 essay writing websites with good reputation and created TOP 5 — for those who need to take a deep breath right now, without any further research or doubts.

🔥TOP 5🔥 Essay Writing Services To Take Advantage of in 2021

1️⃣WriteMyPapers.Org [Rated 9.9/10]


Sometimes, it is hard to believe the essay service is as professional and committed to their mission as the WriteMyPapers is. How can people be so passionate about what they do? WriteMyPapers has the answer. Students` feedback. When people thank you for your work and say your help has saved their reputation and they will never forget you, it motivates!

When I landed on the page where WriteMyPapers’ reviews were gathered, I understood this is the place I’ll be able to recommend to my followers. WriteMyPapers company has gathered an impressive team of essay writers. Here, you’ll find highly educated experts in narrow fields with the knowledge in related subjects and great erudition in general. They all have proven writing experience and the majority of them have publications in well-known magazines or published studies.

Before joining the team, they pass professional exams and tests that show their ability to maintain difficult situations with the customers and take responsibility for their job. Thus, the clients can be sure their requirements and preferences will be taken into consideration and all possible issues will be solved in a proper manner.

WriteMyPapers state their college papers are written from scratch and contain no grammar or spelling mistakes. Though no one is perfect and I doubt it is possible to write a dissertation without a tiny mistake, I have no reasons not to believe their papers are good. Having ordered a review on the book I have read recently, I received a deep, thoughtful, untrite piece of writing that will be noticed among others.

Here, the customer can order all kinds of essay papers. The writers are qualified enough to deliver argumentative essays, application essays, case studies, term papers, labs, problem solving assignments. Also, the disciplines are not limited to History, Physics, and Creative Writing. The experts can cover any topic. For example, you can order a paper on Religious studies. It is a pretty rare discipline and only a few students could probably need assistance with that. And yet, WriteMyPapers can deliver such a paper. Also, this knowledge can be applied to other related essays, like History, so it won’t be like the usual ones, but fresh and from an interesting perspective.

Talking about customer support, there is nothing new, but the highest standards. The department is working without breaks, so your request will be responded promptly. The customer support representatives are attentive, polite, and helpful. It is a pleasure to have a phone call with them. Though many prefer chats, I always choose a real conversation. It helps to draw a more accurate picture of the situation. In WriteMyPapers’ case, I can say, the test was passed successfully.

After everything being said, it is amazing to know the service does not tend to charge you hard. Instead, they do their best to keep the prices low so each student, no matter what their income is, can afford professional academic writing help. The prices here start from $11 per page. It is an average price that is simultaneously charged by reliable platforms like WriteMyPapers, and not so trustworthy. So, if you’d like to get a full package essay writing help and keep your savings, WriteMyPapers is a great option for you.

2️⃣EssaysWriting.Org[Rated 9.7/10]


EssaysWriting service is a place that has already earned a spotless reputation. It has many loyal clients and keeps delivering only the best essays and college papers. For over ten years, the company has delivered more than 50 000 papers. And there are almost 98% of positive reviews. These facts can persuade anybody to become an EssaysWriting client.

The reputation doesn’t appear from nowhere. Behind it, there are years of hard work and continuing improvement. When the company was taking its first steps, there were no refund options or unlimited revisions offered. Though even today they are not a must at the leading essay writing services, EssaysWriting platform implemented them in their daily routine and has never tried to get away with the clients claims.

Sure, there were unsatisfied clients and some issues, but according to the reviews they were all taken care of. It is not in EssaysWriting style to neglect problems and pretend there is nothing to improve. They are responsible service providers that aim to be the best in their niche.

The most attractive paper writing service’s feature is working on tight deadlines. If a student lacks time or remembers about the assignment he got at the last minute, EssaysWriting is the answer. Here, you can get your paper in 3 hours. It seems impossible, and yet, having the best writers hired the service is able to do that. Obviously, you’ll be charged extra, but your problems will be solved with no delays.

Yet, it is better to organize your studying process a little bit more effectively, as if you won’t be satisfied with the paper, the service guarantees you an unlimited number of revisions. It means, they will rewrite the paper as many times as you want to make it perfect according to your requirements. However, if your deadline is short, you won’t be able to take advantage of this feature due to the necessity to submit the paper just after you get it.

If you think that it is a service you were looking for, but doubt whether it is worth your investment, here is one more thing to know. If you have academic writing problems and feel more like a creative person, if you struggle to fit in, there is a free formatting option for you. EssaysWriting will format your paper free of charge. Indeed, it is one of the most popular obstacles that prevent students from getting A+. Formatting is the thing that never can’t be perfect, you think. Well, perhaps, it is true. But these guys will do everything, so this insignificant feature won’t affect your performance. And you’ll get it in a package, without any extra requests or payments.

To make a bright final, I will tell you that you can afford it. I am confident you’ll be surprised with the price. It is less than $10 per page! Yes, being so professional and diverse, the service keeps its prices low, so each of us doesn’t feel less important or noticed. It is one of the best ways to prove you are worthy of getting help when in need, and the company’s writers are ready to provide it in no time.

3️⃣Affordable-Papers.Net[Rated 9.6/10]


The service’s name tells for itself. It is a company that offers clients the most affordable academic writing help. Yet, it is not their only advantage.

Affordable-Papers has decided to focus on versatility. While other essay writing websites try to find something, they can be unique at, this service works for anyone trying to meet so different and sometimes challenging requirements.

Here, you can find writers with absolutely different backgrounds. Some of them are reputable experienced essay writers with PhD degrees and deep knowledge of writing secrets. Others just take their first steps on the path to become writers and are ready to write a paper at a very cheap cost just to be helpful and earn their reputation.

Many think it is inappropriate to hire inexperienced writers. But also, many are looking for someone who can write an original paper free of grammar mistakes and want it to sound okay, not perfect. Each customer has different goals and requests, and Affordable-Papers manages to satisfy them all. It is a kind of universal platform where you can come and get what you need. The time you’ve saved for searching the most appropriate website for your topic you can spend on recharging or finding inner peace.

The papers written by Affordable-Papers writers are bold, interesting, controversial, and statistically well-accepted by college professors. No matter which writer is in charge — PhD degree holder or undergraduate — they both have a talent to write brilliant pieces of essay writing, just each at their own pace and with their own writing methods.

To make your life even easier, the company organizes your bibliography for you. It is the most boring part of an academic paper, in my opinion. And the news I can avoid writing makes me incredibly happy! Certainly, this option is free and made for all the orders by default.

The next feature that saves customers time is a plagiarism report added to the order. Sure, the majority of clients prefer to do it themselves, as this way they can be absolutely confident there is nothing to worry about. Yet, it is great that the service isn’t afraid of your checks and even does it for you. They use the most accurate tools available online, so it is most likely you’ll do an unnecessary job if you decide to double check. According to the loyal customers’ feedback, they keep doing it for a couple of orders, and then trust the service. And it has never let them down.

Now, the price we’ve started with. Indeed, the company establishes fairy-tale prices. Here, you can get your paper at $9 per page. In addition to that, you will get a 7% first-order discount. So, having paid a little bit more than $8 you’ll get a college paper written in rich English and filled with smart arguments. Excellent deal, isn’t it?

4️⃣BuyEssayFriend.Com[Rated 9.5/10]


When a student needs urgent help with writing an essay, or assistance with problem solving, they choose services that can deliver papers within a tight deadline and have a wide range of services. When a student needs help with writing a dissertation, a term paper, or course work, they pick the service that is the best in research paper writing. In our list, it is BuyEssayFriend.

They are not amazing in handling urgent cases, they do not offer the lowest prices, but they offer something more valuable instead — the research of a high quality. Plenty of essays need to be written after conducting certain research. Obviously, research is an inseparable part of students’ work, yet some assignments require absolutely different levels of involvement and immersion.

Considering the BuyEssayFriend specifics, there are only experienced, well-known in their fields writing experts who must have published studies or scientific articles in reputable magazines. There is no employee flaw in the company, as each of the writers is treated like they are the major value of the company.

The direct contact with the writer isn’t always possible due to necessity to be focused and even devoted to the job, but the customer support specialists pass the customers’ requirements and comment the moment they get them. The inside company’s communication is effective and clear, thus, no misunderstandings are possible.

Due to the papers the company usually works on, it respects client’s privacy and does everything from their side to protect their anonymity. The payments are secured and operated with no delays, the ordering form does not require your personal data or other information that is unnecessary in the case.

While some students prefer to get full assistance with their dissertation and other research papers, others require only editing or proofreading service. So, there are professional editors and proofreaders who have experience in working on academic texts and catch all the moments that can be considered as a mistake even if it is arguable. The job these experts do improves customers’ papers significantly and is worth every penny they pay for it.

Having found such a service, students expect them to be expensive. Though BuyEssayFriend doesn’t offer discounts, it is affordable for the majority of customers. They charge only $10 per page of a research paper. Don’t you believe in it? Well, there is nothing easier to eliminate your doubts. Go to their page and check if you are reading the truth. It is truly awesome that the service of the highest level remembers who its audience is and shows understanding and support.

5️⃣PaperWritings.Com[Rated 9.3/10]


PaperWritings academic writing agency closes our list, yet, it is the best option for those who are just about entering their college life. I believe this is the best company for writing your application essay. There is a separate service for this kind of help on the website and an absolutely unique individual approach to each of the customers.

Admission help is considered to be one of the most difficult in the essay writing niche. It is a type of personal statement that has to present an author in the best possible way, and simultaneously not make them too perfect. It has to be loud and solid. Yet, it is necessary to be polite and true. This is the challenge for any writer out there.

This way, PaperWritings has an extremely strict hiring process for the writers and the Psychology background is a huge plus. If the writer doesn’t have such an experience, they will be assisted by the experts in the field.

Besides admission help, the service offers all kinds of other essay writing services, and editing services as well. It had delivered over 60 000 papers and claimed not a single of them was prewritten. Indeed, there is no base of prewritten essays to choose from and even no base of samples. This way, the service protects itself from frauds who can use their base for deceiving the customers.

One of the noticeable advantages of the service is their customer support department. While one of their main services is application essay writing, the customer help is very important. The client might get many questions while the writer works on their essay and desperately need to get a response immediately. The PaperWritings service satisfies that need and that is what makes them so popular among high-school students who are preparing to enter a college.

The customer support is available online on a round-o-clock basis and can communicate with the customers using the chats, messengers, or phone.

At an average price of $10 per 300 word essays, a client will get a college paper written from scratch, edited, proofread and checked for plagiarism. Ordering a paper from PaperWritings, the customers get guidance throughout the process of writing an essay. The company states their customers’ confidence is their main value and they try to handle their problems gently.

To me, PaperWritings platform together with the other companies from the list are the most reliable services in the USA in 2021.

🙋FAQ Choose Essay Writing Services

How To Choose the Best Essay Writing Service?🤷

How did we choose the essay writing services from our list? Besides the experience we got ordering college papers from different companies and our professional approach, we followed a list of evaluating criteria. They are:

  1. ✔️Reputation

You can’t find out whether the quality of essays you are going to order will be high, as even though the feedback from other customers is good, you might have different requirements and expectations. Thus, the most reliable way is to pay attention to the company’s overall reputation.

It consists of the reviews that were left by the real customers, the guarantees the company claims to provide you with, the respect for your privacy, and the customer support assistance.

You can check these aspects without making an order, so your budget won’t be affected. Though, this investigation requires time and complete involvement.

  1. ✔️Experience

This criteria is all about the years on the market and the company’s specialities. If the company has been providing its service for over 10 years, the chances the essay you will order there will be good enough is high. Though, years spent on providing academic assistance is not a guarantee of a high-quality service. To make sure it is, you have to check the reviews.

Each essay writing service has plenty of the reviews left by their customers. Anyway, you shouldn’t believe everything you see but also need to check. Considering the fact that academic assistance is in high demand today, there are many fake reviews that were created on certain customer service’s demand.

Luckily, there are simple and obvious signs you have to notice to decide whether the review deserves your trust. 

Are All Essay Writing Services Reviews Real?🕵️‍♂️

As we mentioned above, no, unfortunately, they don’t. Many of the reviews are made up. Some essay writing agencies pay third parties to get 5-stars reviews and later publish these reviews on their website to make a nice and convincing appearance.

As a rule, such reviews appear on the untrustworthy essay writing websites, or platforms that were created for this exact purpose. Popular and reliable review platforms like SiteJabber or TrustPilot have strict rules to follow before a user can leave a review. So, you can trust the majority of the reviews left there.

To distinguish a real review from a fake one make use of the following tips:

  1. ✔️Pay attention to the details

Real essay writing reviews will include details and exact information. Though it is a sensitive field, and many students do not want to reveal their person, they do write many specific things about their experience with a certain academic writing agency.

It could be a specific topic instead of mentioning a general subject, the format the paper had to be written at, the writer’s name or at least his academic level, and most likely, some insignificant issues the paper had. Yes, even if the paper was great, there is almost always something that won’t be just like the client imagined it. It is normal, and important to mention, so the other customer knows what to expect.

Sometimes, the essay writing company responds to the reviews, especially when some troubles were mentioned, and ask a client to provide them with the order number. If the review author refuses to do it, the chances the review is fake are huge. The real customer always wants the issue to be solved.

  1. ✔️Evaluate the length and the depth

The real reviews are rarely long. True customers always speak short and make comprehensive comments. They don’t leave feedback to impress someone or make them become the essay writing service’s customer. They leave it for the sake of potential customers and the company’s improvement. It is an act of kindness and carrying. It can’t last long.

Usually, the real review is about two paragraphs at most. It is enough to write whether your experience was positive, to share your level of satisfaction and even suggest some improvements.

Although, this statement is true for the positive reviews. When the review is negative, the customer isn’t satisfied, and as a rule he has a lot to say.

  1. ✔️Meet the author

Certainly, you can’t meet the author in person, but be attentive to who the writer is. If you doubt the review is real, go to the author’s profile and check if he has more reviews, if his account is newly created or old one, if he leaves the reviews on the other services, companies, or products.

If the author’s account is brand new and there is almost no information about him, the review is most likely fake. If there are no other reviews at all, the review is fake for sure.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to over judge, try to contact the author. Write them a message, and see if you get a response. Also, you can check if the review author’s account pic is real. If there is a real person photo, use Google to find to whom it belongs. The chances of it being stolen is very high.

How To Find Essay Writing Services Real Reviews?🔍

I feel your pain. If it is so difficult to find out whether the review is real or fake, maybe, it is better to go to the place where all the reviews are real? It would be amazing if such a place exists. But for now it exists just in our dreams.

However, there are places where the reviews do seem to be real and trustworthy. They are:

  1. ✔️Reputable review platforms

It is easy to create a new review platform. All you need to do is to make a website, and the traffic and content will come naturally. However, we can’t recommend new platforms as the risk it was created by a certain essay writing service is high.

Fortunately, there are platforms that seem to be very attentive to what they publish, like:

  • 🟢SiteJabber.It is the most popular review platform that publishes reviews on services, products, companies, and different experiences. They have a strict policy related to new customers. All newbies have to go through a reliable verification system, and before that they aren’t able to post reviews. Also, all the reviews are being checked time after time, and if there is some suspicious activity, it will be deleted.
  • 🟢TrustPilot.This service has an outstanding reputation. To register there, the company has to provide an official mail, thus all the reviews there can be seen by those to whom they are addressed. So, there you can check how the service is handling negative reviews.
  • 🟢Trustmus.I have put it third, as I think it is easier to publish a fake review there. However, this platform exists for a while, and if you want to find real reviews, check the older ones when the niche wasn’t so popular and there was no reason to fake the reviews.
  1. ✔️Educational platforms

There are plenty of educational websites where essay writing services are discussed. As a rule, they are independent, so their reviews are honest and objective. The reviews there are thorough, long and comprehensive, they tell about the essay writing services’ weaknesses and strengths, discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Yet, there is one flaw. Those educational platforms can’t review all the essay writing services, so, one way or another, their opinion is limited with the number of reviews they have written and can’t be used to evaluate each academic writing agency you’ll find.

Besides those platforms, it is possible to read a real review on the essay writing service’s page, but I prefer not to be so trustful and investigate myself.

How to Identify the Best Essay Writing Service?👩‍💻

The hardest thing here is the fact that there is no universal best essay writing service that will satisfy each of the customers. People are different, colleges have different requirements, students have different views, customers have different expectations.

Sure, there are many reliable essay writing services that deserve to be called the best. But it will be unfair. Many other essay writing services that someone would call weak might become the best option for other customers.

Many things make the difference. Someone chooses the essay writing service based on the prices exclusively. Some students don’t care about the price but choose the most qualified college paper agencies. The third ones know the exact writer they want to assign their essay to and choose the service which has hired him.

There is one significant piece of advice for desperate struggling students looking for professional writing help — do not choose the service just because someone liked it. Obviously, you can consider it, but do not jump into conclusions. Read about the service, find the reviews, and visit the website. Form your own opinion, and if it is positive, you can find support in those recommendations you have got earlier and make an informed decision.

For those who know nothing about essay writing assistance and want to learn the basic rules each trustworthy academic writing agency follows, here they are:

  1. ✔️Transparency

If the company you are considering becoming your first partner in getting writing assistance hides something, run away. It is a huge red flag to be alarmed and change your mind.

One thing you can try is to contact the customer support and ask them to provide you with the information that is missing or confused. If they refuse to do it or try to escape your questions, again, run away. Choose only those who are honest, open, and are not afraid to talk about their imperfection.

  1. ✔️Strong team

Firstly, the service should have a strong team of writers. It is the core of the essay writing service. The writers ought to be professional, experienced, and highly educated. Even if it is an undergraduate writer, they should have a proven writing experience and at least one publication in the magazine.

Next, it is a customer support team. People working there are supposed to be polite, attentive, and truly helpful. If you don’t feel those things talking with the customer support representatives, think twice before making an order.

  1. ✔️Guarantees

To make a choice, you have to know what you will get for the money you are going to pay. And it shouldn’t be empty promises. The guarantees should be stated in the agreement and published on the Terms and Conditions page.

There are two major guarantees the service has provide their customers with: the high quality of the paper guarantee (in case in won’t be delivered, the customer should have right to revise the paper free of charge) and full refund guarantee (if the paper won’t meet the client’s expectations after the certain number of revisions). You must feel confident about your investment.

What Features Do The Best Writing Services Have✒️

What makes an essay writing service reputable and reliable? What brings thousands of clients to a single certain academic writing agency? Is there a secret ingredient?

Yes and no.

There is one thing that makes customers come back to a certain college papers writing service. It is the attitude. The attitude to the job they do, the attitude to the customers’ needs and feelings, the attitude to issues appearing.

The best academic writing agencies have a professional attitude in all of these cases. If we are talking about the quality of the papers, they choose the most professional and talented writers, establish real deadlines so the paper will be delivered on time, and allow customers to communicate with the writers.

If it is about customer support, they hire the most experienced experts in this field and hire as many representatives as needed to respond to the clients’ requests promptly, they have special training for the employees to improve their service every day.

The issues are the most sensitive field. Yet, it is the most important one. When some issue occurs, the members of all the teams are being involved. It is in the company’s best interest to fix it and provide a customer with a solution that will wash his disappointment away. It is respect for your voice, and active listening.

Nevertheless, even all those things could not save a company if it unfairly asks customers to pay extra for the service that was presented as free. No customer support representative will handle the situation when a student gets a plagiarized paper, even if it was some misunderstanding.

So, there is no secret, but there is a principle — professional standards. If they exist and the company sticks to them, it would be one of the cheap essay writing services with no doubt. So, again, conduct your research to make the right choice.

How Much Does the Essay Writing Service Cost?💸

Mostly, the price is the first thing potential customers pay attention to. It is understandable as being tight on budget they must decide whether they will buy a new t-shirt today or order essay help. So, the question is important and often a decisive factor.

The average price for a one page essay is approximately $10. You can find cheaper and more expensive offers. The prices are regulated by the market and can change depending on the season. Yet, $10 is what you have to count on when ordering an essay from a good academic writing service.

This price can include many additional services like plagiarism report, unlimited number of revisions, formatting, bibliography, editing, etc. And it could include only the paper written by the most inexperienced writer a service can offer. You should always check what the price includes.

Also, often, there are attractive discounts for newbie customers and for loyal ones who have already ordered a certain number of essays. The last ones get a lifetime discount in this case.

There is a recommendation I’d like to give you. Though your budget is limited, opt for the trustworthy essay writing services, not the cheap ones. Of course, you won’t save money. But the price you might pay for this desire will be much higher than the one you could pay ordering from a more expensive and professional agency.

Benefits From Using the Best Essay Writing Services🍫

There are some obvious benefits you’ll get after using the best essay writing services like flawless college papers, great reputation in the university, and a chance to improve your grades. But, let’s talk about those that will change your everyday routine so you feel more happy and content:

  1. ✔️Free time

Having decided to use essay writing help, you’ll get more than an A + paper. You’ll get time you can spend on things that were abandoned like good sleep, reading books for pleasure, romantic evening with your significant other, visiting family, taking care of other issues you might experience due to the constant lack of time.

  1. ✔️Self-confidence

Often, a little break can bring your self-confidence back. When we are overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious, our self-esteem gets affected. This way, we feel less motivated to do something and procrastinate. With academic writing assistance, you will most likely find inspiration to study, create, and live your best life again.

  1. ✔️New horizons

Having got professional, well-thought papers you might see where you need improvement, what your talents you have to develop, you might look at the things from the other angle and get an insight.

Do not limit cooperation with the essay writing service to a simple help with college struggles. It is an exchange of opinions, views, and approaches. And such experience is always beneficial in different ways.

Most Reliable Ways to Find The Best Essay Writing Services💯

To conclude, let’s talk about if there is a way to make the right choice from the first try. To be honest, no one wants to test the service, everyone wants to reap the harvest of other customers’ unsuccessful experience. And no, it is not a bad feature. It is a smart approach, and we do everything so you can stick to it.

From our experience, there is no way to realize if the service is your best option until you try it. However, there some tricks you can try:

  1. ✔️Word of mouth

There is nothing more effective than word of mouth. We tend to believe real people instead of advertising or service providers’ promises. And it is logical, as it is unlikely someone we know, trust and have a good relationship with would say untrue things about the company. Thus, ask your mates whether they can recommend something.

  1. ✔️Intuition

Probably, it is not what you were expecting to read, but it is the truth. Sometimes it works. No one can know better what you need. And this unconscious voice inside your head gives us a hint. Let it guide you at least once and see what happens. Choosing an essay writing service doesn’t differ much from choosing the best college for you, or the best location to have a prom ceremony at. You hear the voice. We give the facts. Mix, decide, and enjoy.