5 Steps to Your Killer Book Essay: How to Start and Where to Go

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Author: Julia Stuart

Writing a Killer Book Essay: Tips That’ll Help You Rock

What is the reason of failing to write a good book or an essay? It can be a lack of motivation, poor marketing or just bad luck. But many books fail just because they are written badly: the idea was not thought out, chapters were not organized, grammar or spelling were poor or the writing voice sounded awful. These are general mistakes young authors do when they start writing, but what if the way of writing a good essay is based on learning from all these mistakes?

Here is the list of most useful tips that can help you avoid failing.

5 Steps to Essay Writing Success

Put your fear aside and try to concentrate on the paper: maybe this is your first step towards future success and popularity? So choose the book, read it and get ready to the writing process.

  1. Step one: make notes

Just take the pencil in your hand and make notes when reading (if this is an electronic book, marking also helps). Whenever you notice something interesting, weird or exciting, some good quote or strange situation – make notes you can include into your essay. Usually, teachers need you to express your thoughts based on the actual text, so you will need some proof of your ideas and statements to construct an impressive argument.

2. Step two: write out the most relevant info

Before you start, you should figure out what your point is and what your options are. If you have all the quotes marked, you just need to write them out into a separate document and check what you have to deal with.

3. Step three: group the quotes

Group all related quotes together and make them body paragraphs according to the topic. Write a few key sentences for each one and put them in the order you like most.

4. Step four: write from the middle

You can start with an introduction paragraph just to have a general idea of your future essay. However, it is easier to finish the body paragraphs first and then add introduction and conclusions because your thought may change in the process of writing.

5. Take your time and enjoy the process

Procrastination may be risky especially in the case with writing an essay. There is no good in completing it during one morning, everything at a time. It not only makes it less successful but also brings you a headache. Start writing in a couple of days before the deadline to avoid stress: you will have enough time for editing and finalizing your thoughts.

Keep Writing

Writing about someone else’s book is interesting: you learn new things and it clarifies the ideas in your mind. Writing is another form of thinking, so it will be helpful not just for good grades but for life in general. All good authors are writing about ideas and experiences they had, with their unique perspective. So start with the essay and maybe one day you can come up with a great book, who knows!

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