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Author: Kelly Higgins

Guide to create a good compare and contrast essay

If you are a student, then you cannot be sure that one of your next writing tasks won`t be to create a compare and contrast essay. It`s a kind of academic writing, which is aimed at explaining the similarities and differences of two or sometimes more subjects. You can choose a topic on your own and work on it according to some basic rules.

Sometimes students do not really understand what is needed from them. We have gathered useful information on how to write a compare and contrast essay. Let`s check what we`ve got here!

Useful tips for successful essay accomplishment

  1. Consider the subjects. The first thing you should do while working on this kind of essay is to think well on what you are going to describe. Look for some information concerning the subject. You should be aware of interesting facts, nuances. This will give an opportunity to make your comparison and contrast much better and to reveal the topic fully.
  2. Make notes. While making some researches on your topic, you are to write down all the similarities and differences you have found. Your notes will surely help you when you start writing your essay. During this stage you can note whatever you want, whatever comes to your mind. This will surely be in your favor, especially when it comes to organizing your ideas.
  3. Defining the main points. Once you are ready with a list, you are to define the most important ones, which you can use as the main arguments in your essay.
  4. Create an outline. Making an outline is similar to plan creature. You should create like a skeleton of your assignment, which will help you organize your thoughts in the right flow. The main elements of your essay should be the introduction, main body (2-4 paragraphs), conclusion. Insert all information here in a logical way.
  5. Filling your skeleton. After the outline, you are to write an essay compare and contrast. You just need to fill your outline with more information, adding examples, evidence, proving your arguments.
  6. Editing. When you are done with writing, then don`t be in a hurry to think that everything`s okay. You are to thoroughly check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes. Pay attention also to your compare and contrast essay structure. It might be helpful to have your friend read your essay. This step is compulsory to be taken.

An essay structure

  • Introduction. The introductory paragraph aims at hooking your readers` attention, presenting the topic of an assignment and a thesis statement. Pay much attention to your thesis statement, it shouldn`t be simple but clear. It should grab readers` attention and promise them something interesting further. So, work on it hard. You may formulate it in some specific way, you can use a quotation or a question. It depends on your creativity.
  • Main body. You can have here 4-5 paragraphs. It`s up to you how to structure your essay. For instance, you can describe unique features of A object in the first paragraph, in the second you can describe unique features of B object, the third paragraph will include their comparison, while the fourth one will be about their contrast. Still, you can choose the structure on your own.
  • Conclusion. Here you are to restate your thesis, sum up the information you`ve received through your research. Don`t use any new data here, just conclude everything you have already stated in your essay. Your conclusion should be logically ended.

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