Tips on research paper outline writing

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Author: Kelly Higgins

If you are going to create a research paper, then the first thing you should start with is writing an outline which will help you with the whole process of a paper creation. An outline is an important element which combines all your thoughts in a logical system, it`s like a skeleton of your future research paper. An outline will remind you not to forget some important issues and show your ability to work successfully in the scientific sphere.

If you split your paper into several pieces and mark this information in the outline, this will help you to be more organized. Your work won`t look oversized. You can write and add each part during different days making a special curriculum and this will assist you to follow the deadlines.

Main parts of a research paper outline

The structure of this kind of work is almost the same in all research papers, no matter which topic and subject you are writing on. Still the main parts of research paper outline are as following:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

This seems quite easy, but is it so? Each part should contain appropriate information arranged in the right way, so you should be aware of the requirements to follow.

The Introduction is a very important element as you have to make a reader acquainted with a topic of your paper, here you should include also thesis statement, general ideas on the topic and also main terms related to your topic and their explanation.

The Body is the main part of your work. Here you are to include arguments supporting the thesis statement, you should prove your thoughts with examples. This part is also divided in paragraphs and subparts. Here a reader should also see how you made the research and follow your way of thinking. Don`t forget about the goals of your research which should be stated in the introduction.

You are to work with the literature and then include the list of literature overview. This will show your ability to use the existing information and thesis for making your own conclusions and assumptions. Show how your own investigation develop the existing data.

You are to include data and analysis after methods and literature. This part is to show your real investigation, its results, pros and cons. It`s convenient to do this with the help of graphics and tables. Tell whether your results change the whole topic.

Conclusion is the last part, and it`s aimed to present the audience with summarized results based on your research. You should mention a thesis statement again and tell some plans on the future researches.

Useful information

The topic of your research paper outline varies depending on your field of studying, but it can be on politics or science, or bullying. Still the structure is the same for all.

Your outline should consist of paragraphs, headings and subheadings. It should be interesting, containing up-to-date data. All required elements and parts should be present. While working on the outline erase the elements which you have already used. You can look for some samples on the Internet to have the image of a research paper outline.

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