How to Write a Story: The 10 Best Secrets

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Author: Kelly Higgins

Secrets to Succeed in Story Writing

Actually, a process of writing is never easy, and if you are about to write a story, it may seem to be even harder. Of course, you need a lot of practice. You can keep reading a lot of blogs and articles concerning story writing. You can take writing classes and write stories by yourself. The following 10 tips are aimed to learn how to write story, in particular, how to write a good story.

  1. Write everything in one sitting. It would be great for you to write the first draft of your story in a short period of time. Try to write it in one sitting, of course, if you are writing a story. If talking about novel writing, do your best to write in within one season (takes 3 months). Don’t worry much about creating outlines in advance. Your first draft is considered to be a discovery process.
  2. Work well on your protagonist. In fact, a good story is all about good protagonist. If you have no protagonist, we cannot talk about a good story. Remember that protagonist should always take risks and make decisions. The main character of your story should go through all circumstances and get oneself from all the mess and problems. To develop your protagonist and the story as the whole, you should create also a villain or the fool. In other words, you have to create the opposite to protagonist character as well.
  3. Don’t forget about drama. In your story should be suspense and drama, it goes without saying. Be ready to set up a dramatic question. You should make your readers interested in reading by thinking what will happen next. Put your protagonist` life and fate in doubt.
  4. It is better to show everything. When there is something interesting in your story, don’t hesitate to tell this to your readers. However, it would be much better to show the scene! Your readers actually deserve to see all what is happening around the fate of main characters. Show the most interesting parts of your story. It will bring you success without doubt.
  5. Write good dialogues. While writing dialogues, you should be close to all your characters. Keep in mind that this process requires lots of rewriting job as well. Each character of your story should be unique. And, they also need to sound differently. It makes a story good.  Concerning speaking tags, it is good to use “he said” and “she said.”
  6. Dwell on the death topic. Analyze the last stories and novel you have read lately. Have you read there about some death issues? The thing is that all good stories involve this topic. Death is a universal theme because each person will face with it sooner or later. So, try to discuss this topic in your story as well, making one of your character dead.
  7. Edit your story till it is perfect. The majority of professional writers write three or even more drafts. The first draft always considered to be not so good. So, it is better not to show it to anybody. Just read it out loud and explore what there should be changed and replaced. The next draft is to understand the plot and all characters in a proper way. Finally, the third draft is all about polishing. Check everything – every single detail concerning your essay. Having done all this, be sure you will succeed with your story.
  8. Respect the rules but don’t be afraid to break them. Of course, it is necessary for a good writer to know all the rules and follow them all the time. However, it is necessary for a great writer to know the rules and break them from time to time. Readers always desire something new – the content they have never experienced before. You can break the rules in case your story requires a whole new set of rules. Serve your story and your ideas!
  9. Overcome writer’s block. To overcome it you just simply need to write as much as you can. This is the only way to defeat writer`s block. If you are out of ideas and imagination, don’t try to write everything well. If you are stuck, don’t try to be perfect. Just keep on writing. Sometimes, to write a story, you should just pull yourself together and don’t give up.
  10. Share your work with others. Get yourself motivated. If you know that somebody will read your story, you will automatically work harder. When you share your writing, you get some feedback. However, reviews can be either positive or negative. In any case, all of them will force you to move ahead. You can apply for a writing contest, for example. Another option here is e-publishing. You can also go directly to the publishing house.

All these tips will surely help you to get on well with story writing. The most important thing here is to practice a lot. Only by keeping on writing, you will get to know how to write a story to impress everybody.

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