Writing Process Essay Is Easy as Never Before

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Author: Julia Stuart

Everything You Should Know about Process Essay

First of all, you should clearly understand what a process essay is and its main characteristics. Process analysis essay is a type of paper in which the author explains the way something works or occurs. The author’s task is to consistently describe the process of some particular process – from the first step to the last one.

Before you take a pen in your hands or sit at the computer and start working, you have to define what phenomenon you will consider in your paper, or in other words, choose one of the possible process analysis essay topics. Most students are usually offered process essay topics by their teachers and tutors, but it may happen that you are free to choose your own; in this case, you should carefully think about the material you know pretty well. If nothing comes to your mind, of course, you can also follow the example of most students who will primarily search the Internet, but it’s much better to take a look at your background and find something you’re really good at and know inside out. For example, if you’re fond of cooking, why don’t you write about cooking some meal?

Work on the Structure of Process Analysis Essay

Like any other paper, this type of essay includes three main parts – introduction, body, and conclusion. Read some process essay examples, and you will see that’s true.

The introduction provides readers with an explanation of the actual process, substantiates its importance and outline what results would be achieved. You shouldn’t add too much information to this part because it will be superfluous and will disperse the attention of readers. Do not go deep into the background and other details; clearly say what you mean or what things you need to do this or that work. Show in what sphere this process is relevant and who applies it, it’ll be great if you can give an example of real-life use.

The body is the biggest part of the paper. In body’s paragraphs, you may, or it’s better to say, you should be very specific and give as much as possible details. At the beginning, you need to list all necessary tools, resources, and equipment used in the particular process. In order to protect others and prevent them from potential mistakes and side effects, you can tell about your successful and bad experiences at this stage. People learn from mistakes, and much better when they aren’t yours. Besides, don’t forget to explain what went wrong and why.

The next stage is to consistently describe the process itself and introduce the sequence of all actions. If the process is complicated and covers several phases, you should explain each of them step by step to avoid any confusion. Divide your text into paragraphs in accordance with a number of steps. Remember one point – things that seem open-and-shut to you may be unknown to others. In addition to that, you need to pay attention the word use, as there is always a risk to make the essay repetitive and monotonous. You should use appropriate words and structures to transit smoothly from one step to another one.

The conclusion is a final part that reviews the whole process in general; for that reason, you can highlight only main points without details and emphasize the expected result.

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