How Branding Works: Writing Personal Stories

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Author: Kelly Higgins

4 Tips on How to Rock Responsive Personal Essay

Of course, you know how the branding works in general, but have you considered such options as writing to convince your customers that you are the best? In branding writing, a good essay helps a lot: you can describe some situation or a life story that explains your value to the target audience and helps you find a connection. If you have not tried it yet, we recommend you to use the following tips for your writing strategy.

Branding and Writing

There are four basic ways you can apply to attract the clients to your brand product:

1. Illustrate how the story changed you. When telling a story, no matter how long it is, remember that you should always stick to your goal. Try to answer such questions as how this situation changed you, what you learned from it, the reason why you are perfect to be chosen. Each element is vital because this is the actual purpose of your story, and when all the elements come together, you can achieve your goal. Do not get stuck in writing and provide people with real value;
2. Use your emotions. Sensory stories are very powerful and usually more interesting to read. If anyone asks you to describe a certain event in your life, you will probably concentrate on the place description or time when it happened, but not on your feelings at that moment. This is not right: of course, we use visual imagination when reading, but do not forget about the feelings readers experience (sound, touch, smell, taste). But do not use it too much, this is not a novel;
3. Look at little things. As a writer, you should describe the situation in details, not just go from event to event without explaining anything. We need to understand what the readers have in mind and use more details to make it easier. Do not overdo it with adjectives – this is a common mistake;
4. Provide intrigue. You need the readers to be carefully hooked because as soon as they start reading, you need some arguments to convince them to read it to the end. Despite the fact that everything already happened, it still affects your personality so make the readers feel involved in your story. This can be achieved with an intrigue written at the beginning.

After finishing an essay, share it with your family, friends, and colleagues to get some feedback about your work. Either positive or negative, it will be useful in any case because you can fix the mistakes and have an opportunity to get the opinion of your potential customers. So we wish you a happy writing!

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