Drug and Drug Abuse Essay

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Author: Alice Miley

Drug abuse is a painful and thorny subject for many people. Thus, it is hard to live in the modern society and do not have own opinion in regard to this issue. Apparently, you may have some acquaintances or friends, who have tried drugs, or have watched film on this topic or have read some posts in the Internet. Thus, it is hard to stay aside on this topic nowadays. For sure, you can already have your mind concerning this question or still need some extra exploration and consideration. Anyhow, the essay will become the right thing for expression your thoughts and conclusions.

In the essay about the drug abuse you can write your personal aptitude to the problem, also you can specify some facts or describe any situation, which relates to the subject. However, the drug abuse can be considered from many perspectives and it is required to decide with your direction. Thus, you can view this topic from the global point of view and describe its influence on the society, crime rate etc. On the other hand, you can proceed with the impact of drugs on the human health and numerous negative disorders, which they cause.

How to Write Correctly

In this kind of essay, as in most other works of such kind, there should be three main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion

If you have selected this topic on your own, give reasons for your interest in the drug abuse and motivation to write about it. In case the topic was assigned for you by the teacher, provide causes, due to which this topic is acute for everyday realities.

Devote your main part to some important observations regarding the topic or results of the recent researches that can be interesting to the readers. Do not try to cover numerous statements and points in this structural unit of your essay. It is better to select two or three statements and consider them properly. This topic gives your space for creativity and freedom concerning structural preferences. The safe choice in this case is to combine your personal thoughts with the strong argumentations and reasoning.

Do your best to outline logical outcome of your considerations and statements in the final part of your composition. It is very important to show that your personal investigation was useful and you reached some results and conclusions.

Think and Make Other People Think about the Problem

Perhaps, the main factor for success within writing some sort of papers or essays is your personal knowledge and understanding of the subject. When you receive or select the topic, do not rush with its execution. It is important to comprehend the problem and find some interesting aspects instead of sticking to simple but threadbare theme. When you understand what you are writing, the content is clear, interesting and catching. Poorly researched topic stands out a mile and will result in a failure.

When writing about such serious issues concerning health and society as drug abuse, we need to use each chance and reach to the mind of people. Just think how many teen-agers face a choice of trying drugs every day and if there is at least a small possibility of influencing their decision, we cannot ignore it. Think, be creative and ready-witted and write those statements, which will make people think, change and select the right paths.

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