The original shows and movies to be expected from Netflix in November

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Author: Ben Parker

The original movies and shows issued by Netflix in November

Just before the official start of the holiday season, Netflix has started treating its fans with a number of absolutely amazing movies and shows. This streaming service has already introduced its holiday program that was landed on the service for the last two months of the year. But November has always been the time when all the magic things really got started with movies such as The Knight Before Christmas or Winter Wishes. If you are not one of those who get excited when it comes to the holidays, you surely want to watch something casual. Netflix has introduced an equal number of non-holiday TV shows, movies, and specials, including the first season of Dirty John and Atlantics movie.

Despite the fact that Apple’s new TV+ and Disney+ were launched in November, the Netflix subscribers stay devoted to their streaming service. At least, you can hardly find some Netflix subscribers who give up on Netflix easily. Apple’s new streamer failed to create an enjoyable experience for show and movie fans, because everything it offered wan critically panned. When it comes to Disney+, it positions itself as something to be equal with Netflix. Is it so? No way! In fact, Disney did Netflix a great favor by reducing a monthly fee to $6.99 or less. At that point, it doesn’t make sense to keep Netflix and add Disney+. Regardless of what the critics say, you can decide for yourself which movie and show is good and which needs to be forgotten.

Now, when we agree on keeping Netflix, let’s see the list of the nation’s most popular streaming content in November 2019? As it turns out, it is pretty much.

Netflix was totally aware of the upcoming competition because November always comes up with a bunch of new original series, movies, and specials. In November, a number of original releases reached more than 70, including End of Watch, Mortel, the season three of The Crown, Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby, and many other options.

All that is great, but the major premiere came to Netflix on November 27th, when Martin Scorsese’s new Netflix original movie The Irishman was introduced. Having a great cast with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, the story about infamous mob boss Jimmy Hoffa has become the most widely streamed Netflix originals of all time. Be ready to spend three-and-a-half hours involved in an intriguing plot and incredible acting from Hollywood monsters.

Coming back to Christmas mood, Netflix fans were offered some holiday-themed content, including Klaus movie. Starring Jason Schwartzman and Rashida Jones, this animated film tells the story about the postal academy’s worst student. After having been sent to a frozen island somewhere in the Arctic Circle, he gets acquainted with a mysterious carpenter named Klaus. An amazing storyline gets developed around these two characters.

Finally, you will be absolutely thrilled that the third season of the animated show The Dragon Prince saw the world last month. The story of Callum, Rayla and Ezran who manage the politics of magical elves and dastardly mages is just the right thing to cheer you up. It would the right option for watching during Christmas holidays spent in a family circle or with close friends.

As you can guess, these are not all surprises to expect. The shows and movies mentioned in this article are only some taken from the long list of Netflix premiers in November. To see what to expect next month, hurry up to check the official website.

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