Learn how to use APA Essay Format without getting stressed-out

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Author: Nicolas Braun

What is APA Essay Format

APA essay format was created by American Psychological Association. This organization originally has been found for professional psychologists. But, the official guide of this organization is used by professionals and students in different disciplines, especially in the fields of business, mathematics, economics, and law. The name of the style is the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. So, if your teacher or instructor gives you the assignment to use the APA essay format, it means you have to use the formatting guidelines set forth in this manual.

Of course, it is hard to understand all the requirements of APA essay format, but with these useful tips, you will prepare your APA essay perfectly.

The most important components of APA Essay Format

To save your time, good mood and effort there are some formatting details you have to apply to your paper from the very beginning.

Margins. The first thing you should take care of is margins set them to 1 inch all the way around your paper.

Font. Remember, it is very important to choose a readable and clear font. You can write the best paper, but when it’s hard to read and takes more time than usual, you failed. The APA essay formatting suggests 12-pt Times New Roman be the best one, although you can break the rule and choose something like Arial, Helvetica, or Arial.

And the last one, apply to the entire document from the cover page to the list of the references double-spaced with paragraphs ½ an inch.

How to design your page numbers and headings

While dealing with essay APA format, you can’t forget about a running head, as it is one of the most crucial elements you have to take care of.  What is the running head?  This is the short and clear statement of your title, which has to be till 50 characters.

Now, be attentive this tip will definitely make your APA essay better. Make sure your running head is elucidated enough to raise the desire for the further reading of your paper. There are more chances that the reader’s feedback to your APA style essay will be positive when the reader has the clear understanding of the running head.

APA essay format suggests you set the page number on each page of your paper.

Reveal your uniqueness in the introduction and main paragraphs

The common mistake that a lot of writers make is the typical introduction.  If you want to present yourself as a confident writer of the APA format try to be a little bit creative. Don’t use labeled sentences. Do your homework and come up with your unique text.

Another thing you can face while writing APA essay is using the quotations. Sometimes, they really can help to create the better comprehension of your paper. Remember, if the quotation has more than 40 words in length, you have to develop a block quotation. In this case, don’t use the quotation mark, just start the quotation with a new line.

I bet that now, you have completely another understanding of APA essay format. It’s not so scary as it may seem, you just need to read carefully before writing and your paper will show all your good sides as the writer.

Good luck with creating your best APA essay.

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