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Author: Alice Miley

Some Secrets that Will Make You to Write Better

There are millions of guides and manuals on writing and improvement of writing skills. However, writing is the activity, which does not correspond to some logical rules and is beyond rational approaches. When one deals with such creative activity, it is important to find the balance of imagination, creative fantasy, and rational self-supervision and we have developed some techniques that are really useful by that.

Start with simple

We know that we want to create a masterpiece and do not like to spend time on other things that are more primitive. Having no ideas for great work or just feeling no inspiration, you can try with some simple writing. That will develop your skills and refine your proficiency.

Do not make it too simple

Starting with simple words and ideas is a great workout, but try not to overdo with it. You need to provide something interesting to the world and make people think about different things. Simple writing without hidden deepness can hardly draw the attention of the readers for a long time.

Show confidence

There are enough of doubts in the life of every person and they instinctively like confidence and self-assurance. That does not mean that you need to be categorical, but show the reader that you believe in your story even if it has a fantastic and out-of-this-world plot.

Apply powerful words

The selection of words you apply is of great importance. It seems that the meaning is the same, but some words provide your story with more intense emotional coloring and influence your reader in a deeper way. Thus, the verb “to be” and auxiliary words could hardly provide such impact, but at the same time do not go overboard and do not make your writing full of pathos.

But avoid complicated language

Returning to the question of simpleness we want to pay attention to the fact that your language should be comprehensible. It is great that you are learning new things, notions, and words, but when using them for your writing, imagine that you are a reader who has never heard about used language structures or terms. Will your story be interesting and clear for him or her? We doubt that. For sure, you need to saturate your story with complicated words and specific terms, but know when to stop and do not overload your readers.

Use some tricks of great writers

Be open to new techniques and follow works of your colleagues. We do not suggest you plagiarize things. However, you can learn and share a lot of widespread secrets, which are already actively used by your counterparts.

Be creative

Even if you write about some boring scientific things, try to make it interesting. Show creativity and imagination and find some interesting ways to express your thoughts. Every your word, every creative idea makes your writing more interesting and upgrade your skills.

Make your story consistent

Creativity does not mean chaos and inconsistency. The structure of your work can be unusual and not always clear to the reader, but the story should be started and lead to some point. Make you readers to worry, to smile and wait impatiently until the last word is read.

Write what is interesting for you

That is perhaps not a secret for you that it is hard to make your reader interested in the subject of your story if you are not interested in it yourself. That is clear that sometimes we have to write about the topics that are unexciting for us. But how can the unenthusiastic writing thrill somebody’s soul? Try to deep yourself into the subject and find interesting facts about it, if you cannot change the topic. Your sincere concern about the matter is the key to success.

These tips have already helped dozens of writers to improve their skills and to make their works more interesting for the world. We hope that using our advice you will join them soon!

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