How to Write a Great Essay in International Relations

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Author: Kelly Higgins

How to Write an Effective Essay in International Relations

International relations is a quite demanding field of study because of the variety of spheres which it may concern. For many students, writing an essay in international relations might be a challenge and like any other paper, it requires time and effort for writing it. Check out some simple tips on how to write an effective international relations essay.

What Is an Essay in International Relations?

Essay in international relations is a piece of writing which covers a vast amount of topics. Fields of study include politics, sociology, law, economics, history, military, international diplomacy and cultural studies, to name a few. The issues which get studied in the essay are analyzed on a global scale.

Important Things to Remember

  • Make sure that you fully understand the topic of your essay. Essay in international relations is unique in its nature because it can cover a multitude of disciplines from different perspectives. In order to avoid rewriting your paper at the last minute, clearly define what you are going to write about. If you are in doubt, consult with your tutor before you start writing.
  • Define the style of writing. Before you start, you need to know which style of essay you should follow. The essay in international relations may be argumentative, reflective, opinion or persuasive, to name a few. Usually, professors provide clear guidelines on style, structure, length and format requirements, so follow instructions of your tutor in terms of how your essay should be written.
  • Start your research well beforehand. The earlier you start, the higher chances are for your essay to be written on time and with great results. Essay in international relations requires a substantial research, so ideally, you need to start working on your essay right after you received the topic together with all the instructions from your tutor.
  • Keeping the structure. Do not forget to follow the main outline of the essay which is the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Each paragraph of the main part needs to develop a single idea. You can use bullet points or diagrams in order to present statistics and visually support your point.
  • Edit and proofread. After your work is finished, make sure you reread your paper several times in order to spot minor punctuation, grammar or spelling errors. You can also check out the meaning of the essay and figure out whether you answered the question which was at the beginning of your paper. Make sure that you balanced analysis and pieces of evidence equally. Only after you feel that your work is polished enough, you may submit it.

Knowing how to write an international relations essay can be beneficial for your future career. Besides improving your writing skills, you have an opportunity to delve into the subject deeper and learn new things. Our simple tips may help you write a great essay and progress academically.

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