Look through the Following Tips to Create a Thriller Novel

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Author: Julia Stuart

Guideline to write a thriller novel

Have you ever wondered how to create a real thriller novel? The name of it describes it pretty good. The novel should thrill the reader, capture their attention and drag till the very end. Though, there are some other features, which are not less important in the construction of that accurate feeling.

Conflict, tension, suspense is all also necessary to build that image of a thriller.

How does a writer creates a thrilling picture?

The main aim of all genres is to meet readers` expectations. The same is about this one. The writers should forecast what the audience can expect while opening the book and provide them with that experience, though, in the way, which cannot be forecast and expected. Sounds tricky, right?

Before you start working on a thriller book, you should understand the real expectations of the readers to gain success. We highly recommend you to read the book The Story Grid of Shawn Coyne, where he explains all the nuances you should know before you start your work. This book will definitely make the writing procedure easier and your own novel more professional.

7 main elements of a real thriller novel

We offer you to look through the most important elements of a thriller novel. More details you can find in the above-mentioned book.

  1. A crime. Thrillers are about crime. The main part of the novel is about nail-biting attempts to prevent the crime. The crime can be shown at the beginning of the book, and that will be the example of what may happen. If there`s no description of a crime, there should be a visible threat of it. The story should be concentrated on the hero`s tries to prevent that crime from happening.
  2. Life, liberty, justice. These values are important to be shown in a novel. Readers want to walk along with the hero and feel the same fight for the liberty or life. That`s what everyone has in common. People struggle for justice, so show that hard way of a character to get it. If you put anything else but not these three things in the first place in the novel, then you will definitely lose your audience.
  3. Reveal the stakes. The above-mentioned things which are put at a stake are not materials. You should also present something concrete. For instance, there can be a bioweapon or a time machine that a villain can use for their own aims. The objective of the villain should be clear enough, so the reader can be greatly involved in the story and make any forecasts, placing bets.
  4. Power balance. Both a hero and a villain should be powerful, inspiring and bright. They should be real and complex. Though, a villain should seem more powerful. The hero should have some features that drag him back, the villain should have them too but, in this case, they are supposed to help them. There should be an obvious scene of their conflict whether at the beginning of a story or in the middle.
  5. Clues. You are to create a road of mystery conventions. Both a hero and a villain should follow some clues, which are not always right and lead them to failures. The situation should become worse with every cycle of mistakes, it should lead to a final breakthrough, which ends up with a victory of one of the characters.
  6. Climactic scene. Your hero should win the villain in the final scene, ideally using the villain`s own weapon against them. This is the most important scene, where you should implement some innovations and make readers more than excited. Take much time and effort to work on this part.
  7. False ending. You should create an image of a happy end, but indeed leave a path that everything`s not over yet. You should leave this story open. Look for a specific way to do this.

A few more useful tips to consider

Keep in mind the following few things if you want to create a good thriller novel:

  • Since you are a writer, you can do whatever you want. There are no time limits for you, you can write in the order you wish.
  • Don`t forget to make your story tight and heightening the tension through the entire book.
  • Think of your book in the way of a way with an unlimited budget. Imagine all the scenes in your head, make the characters alive.
  • If you have a prologue, make it short and clear. Start your story by presenting the hero, as readers want to know him at once.
  • The tension should be felt on each page. Make sure the information, which appears, make the story flow in another way.

Your main goal should be to satisfy readers, try to give them what they want you to, and they will obviously come to you again.

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