Top 10 Tips on How to Create an Efficient Essay

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Author: Nicolas Braun

Top 10 Tips on How to Enjoy Writing Essay

Completing an effective and high-quality essay often seems to be a gruesome assignment among students. They always look for different ways how to accomplish an essay quickly using various custom writing services, asking parents to do it for them or something else but they don’t even imagine how easy and interesting the whole process of writing an essay is. Following these 10 steps given below will help you draft the successful paper and have fun while doing it.

Let’s Find Out, Why Writing an Essay Is So Difficult?

Here are some reasons:

  • You usually write what your teacher or professor wants to read.
  • You are not motivated to create a nice paper.
  • You are intending to get a high grade instead of writing something that is actually good.
  • You’d rather be surfing the Internet.

Students are usually more concentrated on the external rewards like a good grade or positive teacher’s feedback. They are not interested in writing an interesting essay and really enjoy this process.

Yes, it is important to take into consideration all professor’s requirements and follow his/her guidelines. However, you may give your thoughts the freedom and express your best ideas.

“10 Tips to Writing a Winning Essay”

  1. It is a simple story

In almost every storyline, you may meet conflict and change what essay also has. But in an essay, the conflict is between the ideas, the change is the way how we how we see those ideas.

  1. Before start writing, inquire yourself, “How may I satisfy writing this?”

If you need more motivation to start working on your paper, ask yourself, “How can I satisfy writing this?” Your subconscious will definitely answer this question and others that you ask yourself.

  1. Figure out, “What amazes me in this subject?”

“What do I think exciting about this subject? What amazes me?” If you are able to respond to these questions, then you are searching properly. While searching your essay topic, look for anything that surprise you most of all, and don’t begin writing until you may find it.

  1. Are you feeling overloaded? Make up five general sentences

The standart three-paragraph essay includes three parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It is necessary to provide five original sentences here and paragraphs that back up them. Here’s what do we mean:

Thesis: While for most students, writing an essay is the tedious assignment, it can bring a lot of satisfaction.

Body#1: Students find completing an essay is boring because of focusing on external award.

Body#2: Instead, students have to concentrate on internal performance while writing an essay.

Body#3: Creating better essay and focusing on internal performance let students have a good time.

Conclusion: It’s wrong to write the essay to simply earn an A.  You should make it interesting to read.

  1. Is your essay “source” heavy?

You have to work hard to get a “source” heavy paper. Go to the library to look for more interesting information related to your subject. Take pen and copybook with you to note quotes needed for the research.

  1. Write intro, body, and conclusion

The introduction is the most difficult part to write about, it must catch the reader’s attention and give them an idea of the essay’s focus. That’s why, we recommend you to write intro last and start working on the body of the paper to find out the main point of the essay.

  1. “What? Why? How?”

If you don’t imagine how to create an argument, or you are not able to provide the required word count, in this case, respond to the best question, “Why?”

  1. Essay writing is like a dance

It is impossible to stay in one place while dancing. The same applies to the essay; you shouldn’t stay in one place. You are allowed to jump around the topic, as you would like. It will be easier to line up everything correctly.

  1. Avoid these phrases and words
  • To Be verbs
  • You
  • Clichés
  • That
  • Some
  • Things
  1. Wikipedia is a true source

Wikipedia can be a benefit for you while writing the paper. It is not the best tool, but it also contains much useful information. There you may read about your topic and get more background knowledge. Using Wikipedia, you will find a lot of other sources for the research.


Nowadays, students treat education like something they should do but not want to do. In such way, they make their life more difficult. It is important to enjoy job what you are doing and only then, you will have pleasant result.

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