Mandela Effect. Theories that Can Stun in an Instant

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Author: Julia Stuart

Multiverse Theories. Proof of the Mandela Effect

The Mandela effect comes from the name of Nelson Mandela who many people claim to remember dying in prison in the 1980s. However, the masses were surprised when they found out that the leader actually passed away in 2013. There were even viewers, who swore that they could recall the scenes that followed the event.

The effect is basically what we call a collective false memory which made the fiction writers and common people alike think that these instances have been fabricated. Some researchers even suggested that we might be dealing with some kind of time anomaly, resulting in the memories being altered. The supporters of the time travel theory suggested there could be a parallel universe with the events unraveling this way or another.

The phenomenon has not been explained yet. However, it has already caused the public to dwell on the problem and explore the most curious cases that might be holding an answer to the mystery. There have been viewers, talking about the collective unconscious that forces us to believe certain theories at a certain point.

However, there seems to be no actual proof that someone directly affected the way we perceive reality. Moreover, there is no way millions of folks are losing their minds. If you have experienced the same, you might be interested to take a look at the most exciting cases of the Mandela effect.

  • Those, who are obsessed with studying the classic art, insist that Mona Lisa has always had a serious face. Now, she looks like she’s got a slight smile that has been confusing people for ages. However, most of the experts agree that this is only the misinterpretation of the painting and it has always stayed the same way.
  • You have probably heard about the show, called Sex and the City. It became so popular that the talk about the series continues until the present day. Prepare to be surprised, though. There are people who are convinced that the actual name is Sex in the City, with no deviations accepted. They have even provided the showrunners with the pictures that prove there is no mistake about the title. The viewers have reported the moment to be rather confusing.
  • If you are a fan of Star Wars, you may argue that the renowned C-3PO is made of solid gold from head to toe. However, there were fans who were enraged when they found out that the robot is actually featured with a silver leg. Fans felt like the producers have been throwing shade all the time while the hardcore fanatics cannot reconcile with the idea. They insist that C-3PO has always been made of gold with no silver added. This means that some of us were surely fooled!
  • There are a lot of fans, who are certain that the movie we all know is called “Interview with a Vampire”. In reality, it is called “Interview with the Vampire”. This led to massive confusion and forced some of the folks to write letters to the studio, saying that they can’t be mistaken. This is another mystery that has yet to be solved.

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