Tips On How To Write An Introduction

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Author: Ben Parker

How to write a quality introduction

The introduction is one of the essential parts of any piece of writing. Depending on the type of work, the introduction can take the form of one sentence or it can be written in several paragraphs. However, there is one thing that is unquestionable – this part of the story structure can define the success of your paper. The introduction is the key element which can either grab your reader’s attention from the very beginning and make him want to read your piece of writing, or it can discourage the reader to know more of what you want to express in your paper. Let’s check some basic points that can make any of your written works worth reading further after looking through the introduction.

1. Catch reader’s attention

The purpose of a successful introduction is not a mere outlining of the main message of what you are going to share with. It is also meant to grab reader’s attention. You can start your story with a joke, an interesting fact or an unbelievable statement which touches the emotional side of the reader. Each piece of writing will require a certain introductory part which resonates with a chosen genre of writing. The main message should be presented in such a way that it makes your reader know more and go straight to the body of your writing.

2. State the main reason of the writing

Obviously, the main reason for your writing is expressed in the title; however, a broader explanation of what you are going to discuss in your paper needs to be presented in the introduction. There are many ways that any issue can be looked at, so the introduction is a quick presentation of how YOU decided to investigate the subject. Your view is unique and you need to express it in a condensed form in order to give your audience a reason to keep reading.

3. Briefly explain how the issue will be solved

After presenting the problem that is to be investigated in the paper, it is important to let the reader know that the solution to the issue is found and will be summarized in the conclusion. Naturally, the full explanation of what was done and what results were reached will be included in the body of your paper. The very short and concise explanation of the outcome needs to be included in the introduction to make the reader want to know how exactly the positive results were reached.
Whatever you are writing, the introduction is something that requires a thorough consideration. Successful and engaging introducing part can make a reader interested in the topic. However, if the introduction is boring and does not fully explain the subject of the discussion, your whole piece of work and your ideas might be overlooked. Make sure that you spend enough of time working on the introductory part so that you end up with a successful and well-received paper.

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